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India’s first indigenous Social Business Networking Platform; eventfulindia

eventfulindia is best described as an inclusive Industry Platform that empowers professionals in Events, Travel, Media & Advertising industries with an Integrated Digital Marketing Suite, Online Business Profiling, Custom Website Builder and Online Marketplace to grow their top-lines and revenues.

eventfulindia goes beyond than being just a ‘Website Builder’ in its vision and mission of its founders and engineers. Its first release ‘eventfulindia 1.0’ introduces itself as an ‘Online Website Building Platform’, but in reality it is leagues ahead. It helps its client's profile their business online, advises them on how to sell their business better online and also upgrades their online digital presence by revamping their websites. eventfulindia also takes its clients to an industry-networking platform to build their connections with both sides of the value chain – suppliers as well as clients.

eventfulindia aims to introduce its product offerings in a phased manner, giving time for naïve digital enthusiasts to catch-up in the digital marathon and help experts to ask for solutions beyond their current set of thoughts. eventfulindia aims to network, learn, and deliver anything and everything to do with applied-technology for events, travel, media and advertising industries in next 2 seasons under one roof; with its pre-scheduled releases, as follows:

eventfulindia 1.0
Selling online advertising solutions or digital marketing suite to Non-IT-Savvy industry professionals is same as selling a comb to bald gentlemen. eventfulindia in its first release aims to upgrade the digital presence of businesses big or small by helping them revamp their corporate websites by providing them a DIY environment. Being India’s first indigenous ‘Website Builder’ it empowers its clients with content-rich, easy-to-update, cost-effective and tech-loaded platform that also doubles-up as a Social Business Networking platform.

Yes, the task is big so it comes with it limitations. While eventfulindia created an industry challenging, robust and trendsetting interface, it could not do more than one template. Unlike other website builders, it comes with only one default template, but unlike its competitors, it is more ‘dynamic’. All the more, eventfulindia is most relevant to its focused client-targets in events, travel, media and advertising industries.

eventfulindia 2.0
Being online on World Wide Web, does not bring companies their required business by default, but by making the best use of content and leveraging business connections does. eventfulindia’s second release is scheduled for January 2016 which aims at redefining the ‘Social’ aspect of its client’s businesses, by helping them leverage the very best of technology in application to their business and industry at-large. eventfulindia will launch even-better customizations, newer templates, better content-marketing tools and comprehensive industry-wide research and analytics to help its clients, from both the B2B and B2C markets, create a focused pathway for their digital marketing strategy.

eventfulindia 3.0
When a client is online and all-dressed up for a LIVE Concert, there is a need to bring in those extras in the backstage to add grandeur, excitement and all the more conviction for online business pitch/performance. eventfulindia’s third release scheduled in early April 2016 aims at creating an inclusive digital POS for its clients’ businesses. By launching its elaborative and competition-resistant business development module, clients can win free business leads in open markets, around the world. eventfulindia will make sure that its clients make the right-pitch, and astounding noise to get themselves noticed in the right places at the right time.

eventfulindia promises to be a trend-setter, innovative and value-driven enterprise, curating affordable and easy-to-use technology solutions for one and all. With SMEs as a priority clients and experiential marketing industry as focused sector, eventfulindia is all geared-up to release products and features that could make it a market-dominant player in every segment.

eventfulindia has ambitious business plans to scale its operations worldwide, being a globally-unique platform, with industry-focused solutions, and is presently scouting for investors, engineers, designers, and sales resources to keep the pace with its enchanting vision upgrades every morning.

Quick Facts

  • Introduced in 2005 at IMEX, Frankfurt

  • Bootstrapped since 2013 with a Tech Agency

  • Founded in 2015 as an inclusive Dot Com Platform

  • Headquartered in GK2, New Delhi, India

  • 100% Owned & Promoted by Gaurav & Tanya

  • 4 people in Technology, 2 in Marketing, 4 in Sales

  • 25+ Paying Clients and over 100+ Free Clients

  • Past Events include: Events Show & Culture LIVE

  • Presently looking for Seed / Series A Investors

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Gaurav @ NDTV Profit

eventfulindia is a hosted SaaS platform which is FREE for all to join the network. We believe that everyone loves 'experiences' and sooner they consume some, they incubate unique, and brilliant business ideas to even 'sell' them. As 'experiential marketing' industry is no proprietary of any qualified professionals in country like India, everyone buys and sells these experiences based on their past encounters and experiences. We at eventfulindia, give platform to all - connecting buyers to sellers of such services in a transparent, unbiased, and social eco-system.

While Facebook is a 'Social Networking' platform aimed at building "personal" connections, Linkedin is a 'Business Networking' platform aimed at leveraging "business" connections; but both of them are "generic" to any industry and/or individual. However, eventfulindia is both a 'Social Business Network', that provide an individual to both buy-and-sell his/her creative and technical competencies to 'experiential marketing' industry. We are not generic but a focused platform for everyone who is directly or indirectly related to Events, Travel, Media and Advertising industries. Nevertheless, we have paid subscribers who are doctors, paper merchants, and architects as well, leveraging the scalable architecture of our platform in wider interests.
eventfulindia helps established businesses create a 'new' website, which is loaded with features that leverage latest technology, search engine optimizations, and easy-to-use functionality, saving you both time and money. We will empower your business to leverage the very best of online marketing by having right digital assets and their default integration in your overall marketing strategy. You start with creating a FREE Website and will later have an option to upgrade it to Paid version, shall you wish to subscribe for additional features.
eventfulindia is an 'industry-focused' website builder, which has embedded apps in almost every page and every module - which helps you achieve efficiency in day-to-day marketing communication processes, with both internal and external stakeholders of your business. While eventfulindia applications and templates are made especially for events, travel, media and advertising industries, we have been serving almost every service industry business enterprise that wish to profile and promote its services in increasingly dominating digital world. While Wix and Weebly are "generic" website builders (possibly even bigger platforms - but almost zero embedded apps that helps experiential businesses), eventfulindia scores over its industry-focused features, and super easy-to-use interface, that gets you online quicker than anyone else in business.
eventfulindia has dedicated 'Account Managers' to help you get started, however for custom support you need to be a paid customer, upgraded to our premium plans. With visualizing on how can you best use our template in your business to getting your legacy content ported to our platform, they will support you to publish your website for the first time. You will then be given a telephonic-demo / Skype-demo to navigate through our features, after which it would be extremely easy for you to add/edit anything on you website, yourself - just like your Facebook page. Shall in case you need us again we are just an email away. If you maintain content of your Facebook Pages yourself, believe us - you can similarly maintain your Website content too. It's that easy.
eventfulindia has planned for all eventualities. It’s very often that we get requests of features/pages/engagements that we currently don’t support on our master-template. Our designers and engineers will attempt at delivering almost every possible solution to your marketing needs, and develop (if required) a custom landing page, and/or HTML emailers, custom data entry forms, or likewise and integrate back with your own eventfulindia website. Of course, such services are paid-for over an above your subscription fee.
eventfulindia has not launched its 'marketplace' search-engine yet, and hence we don’t need any app frankly. Also, because our entire platform and client websites are built in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap framework - we are 'absolutely' responsive to any mobile device or screen size. We don’t wish to eat any space on your cellphones, as we know it’s already over crowded out there.
eventfulindia is a business enterprise, and of course makes money. While majority of our service offerings presently are free, there are 'premium-upgrades' to a few of them. We are excited with having more than 25% of our free customers turn to PAID Clients in less than 2 months of our pre-launch efforts. We bill clients’ yearly subscriptions for their advanced websites, and custom development and marketing needs. Clients also look forward to 'advertise' on our portal to promote their business offerings to our subscribers, adding to our revenue kitty.
eventfulindia is quite approachable with a home-office in South-Delhi. We invite everyone for a cuppa coffee and gain from your insights to make our platform, even better and inclusive. We are a small group of 15 people, who work with passion to achieve 'excellence' in everything we aim at. For anything more you can feel free to reach us at:

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