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Your Social Media Accounts don’t make you VIRAL - but your 'Content' Does…

Social media enamours you with the potential that it offers; the number of people it interacts with and the amount of time that they spend on the platform. For a startup, what can be better than being on a platform that reaches out to a huge chunk of people who spend a lot of time on social media? Today a lot of brands use social media, but what differentiates them from one another is the quality of content that they offer to their audience. For engaging the audience, you really can’t feed them with content that is generic; it has to be off-beat and specially designed to address your business which is not dependent on any platform.

‘Content is King’ is a unanimous belief across business categories as brands today. Creating content which drives audience to act in a way the brand wants them to is the key. Content led approach will not only create conversation but also let you deliver a better customer outcome and end your dependency on just social media platforms by talking about useful stuff that arouses emotions amongst your audience.

your social media accounts

But how does brilliant content get viral? If you are only using a social media platform like Facebook and your content is intriguing enough to get shared liked as well as commented on,only within the social media realm. While ‘viral’ means that it is everywhere, across several platforms, and if you have your own website with social sharing capabilities, this becomes a cakewalk.

Great content always gets shared on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube, which in ‘technical-terms’ is known as an out-post and the content that is shared from a source, becomes your ‘home-base’ a.k.a. your own website. Interestingly, your eventfulindia white-labelled website has the capability of social scalability and sharing; now whoever is on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ and wants to consume your content is automatically directed to your eventfulindia website.

As your content creates chatter and gets web omnipresence through eventfulindia’s SEO attribute, you generate traffic which does not stay within the realm of social media websites but is generated on your own domain. This factor eventually adds to your ranking on search engines, in turn taking you to the top whenever someone searches for related content. Hence, brilliant content on a white label website like eventfulindia might just turn out to be a fever.

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