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Why Every Business Needs a Website?

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So, what about a quick search on the World Wide Web for your products and services or contact details – not a single relevant result!

The only results your Google search gave were from local business listings, showing irrelevant results for businesses 25 miles away.

every business needs a website

Is this the kind of missed opportunity for so many small and mid-sized businesses without online presence?

Instead of throwing your hard-earned money on things like yellow pages or highly-priced microscopic adverts in your local newspapers, you need to get your business a website.

5 Reasons why a small business should have a website

Having a website may seem like an unnecessary cost for your business if you're not a regular Internet user yourself. Around 40% of the total world population has an Internet connection today, (view the details) which is a huge business opportunity that you will miss out on if you don’t have online presence. If we talk about the United States alone, the number of Internet users is as high as 86.75%. In an interconnected world where boundaries are shrinking with every passing day, it's more important than ever to have a good website.

A good and search-friendly website nowadays is as indispensable as a telephone at your reception desk in your day-to-day business. Just as you will miss out on a major part of your business without your phone, you might miss out on great business growth opportunities by not having a website for your business. A plethora of potential business opportunities would come your way as soon as you have an effective website up and running. Though there are numerous reasons in favour of having a website for your small business, given below are the 5 most compelling reasons why your business should go for a website:

  • Not having a website nowadays is like not having a business phone or an address for your business. By not having a website you are missing out on the opportunity to serve hundreds of potential customers.
  • A website can garner trust and goodwill for you. This can be achieved by showcasing your portfolio and featuring testimonials from satisfied customers on your website.
  • Low cost and no barriers to entry – a good website featuring images and videos about you does not necessarily have to be expensive. And your online presence is open for enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • No experience or technical expertise is required – you don’t have to have technical knowledge to have an online presence in the form of a website.
  • Give your business a professional identity with its own domain name. This is sure to resonate more with your customers and it’s easy to remember as it becomes your digital identity.

In the current business environment, which is characterized by cut-throat competition, it has become even more crucial to get ahead of your competition. So create your own website now before your competition does.

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