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Websites help you sell Globally, then why shouldn’t your Servers?

In the age of the ‘portable personal web’ which is focused on the individual, consolidating dynamic content, looking at user behaviour and engagement; just having your own business website will not satisfy your hunger for business growth. It needs to be ‘web 3.0’ compatible. Your own website should be the amalgamation of rich engaging content as well as social media capabilities, which gives your visitors and prospects a chance to like, comment, share and interact with your media through your website’s social widget.

Social media scalability along with your website’s content also plays a key role in traffic flow on your website. Since your content is shared on various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+; whoever interacts with your content is redirected to your website. This in turn increases traffic and impressions of your website and eventually gets you a higher ranking. Provided your content is interesting enough to be shared and followed, your SEO integration will make sure that you show up whenever someone searches for related business fields. However, a website builder or custom website developer won’t give you scalability when it comes to social media widgets, content and SEO. Surprisingly, eventfulindia’s website builder gives you all of the above, and more.

websites help you sell globally

Hosted on the Amazon Web Server, one of the world’s most powerful, secure and scalable cloud server, your eventfulindia’s website allows you to create your own website on a robust HTML5 and CSS3 architecture on core Linux, Apache, MySQL and php Platform. All of eventfulindia’s websites run on custom domains of clients that populate first-level extended URLs. All your images and videos on your website are hosted on Content Delivery Networks that deliver webpages and web-content to your audience based on their geographical distributed servers to reduce load times.

Your eventfulindia website also allows you to import your photos and videos from almost all your social media accounts and create folders for easy management and the Metadata Importing feature auto-fills title, description, images and tags of your content when you share it on social media platforms. With your eventfulindia website, you don’t need to use any picture editing tool to first resize and then upload, its Auto Image Scaling integrates the image scaler to fit all images ensuring they look right, irrespective of their placement and the Responsive Loader auto-scales photos and videos to load in appropriate sizes for every device screen.

Along with these, your eventfulindia website has also been integrated with Lightbox presentation, a functionality that opens beautiful full size images in the browser, whenever someone clicks on the picture. The integration of TinyMCE editor enables multi-column rich text display on your website, so what you see is what you get and allows you to make edits on-page real time. Interestingly, the website also has YouTube and Vimeo Video integration with a custom image overlay, so you can link any YouTube or Vimeo video to your website, with a few clicks.

All-in-al,l with Multiple Access Levels that have multiple admin controls to allow administration of differentiated content and controls, your eventfulindia website is a class apart when it comes to a DIY website builder, which makes it a true form of generation ‘web 3.0’.

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