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Tweaks of Creative Story-Telling and keeping your Website Updated…

These days, for just about everything, people are turning to the web, whether be a purchase, review or any kind of media, people use search engines left, right and centre. It is imperative for your business, big or small, to have a web presence. If you don’t have a website you are a step behind. Be it a startup or a large business, your website is the first impression and the first impact that you have on your clients and visitors. Like a home in which you need to have great furniture and appetisers, on your website, you need to have great content to make people stay and be engaged.

But sometimes it is not only about the content, it is about the look and feel of the website, the user friendly features and being updated with the most contemporary designs and themes. A majority of businesses today who do own a website, work closely with Digital Agencies to maintain and manage their virtual businesses online. Unfortunately, to make any little change regarding colours, themes, design or content, one has to approach the Digital Agency and get the work done. Hence, the aspect of real-time changes goes out of the window. No matter how efficient your Digital Agency is, there will always be a lag because of the two way communication between you and your Digital Agency.

keep your website updated

But what if, a platform could enable you to be your own Digital Agency, to be the sole administrator of your website with the freedom to create, upload and edit on a real-time basis? eventfulindia empowers you to do all the above with its on-page editing feature. Along with a white label website that it provides, you get specially curated templates with integrated applications, so you don’t have to go through hundreds of templates and get confused in finding the right fit for your business. Hence, you don’t waste your precious time but enhance your business efficiency.

It also gives you custom theme colours and an array of background wallpapers for every page, which you can change with a click of a button and set the mood for every season. This attribute saves your time that you usually use to search for HTML colour codes online and then feed them to your Digital Agency for a minor colour change. Similarly the eventfulindia website gives you the ability of custom headers; where you can change the title description of various modules of your website anytime. This capability can come in handy especially when you are constantly updating your sections, as every section needs a specific title description to set the mood for the content that it entails.

Interestingly, the website capacitates you with all the admin features that are always at your disposal. You can chose to exhibit or conceal any section of the website with its ‘on’ and ‘off’ feature which also reflects on a real time basis. For example if you are uploading a new section of pictures and videos and you do not want it to be shown to the public, you can just switch the module ‘off’ till the time you work on it and then switch it back ‘on’ once you are done. Unlike other websites which have sections that need to be turned down or need to display an ‘under construction/ renovation’ message, your eventfulindia website seamlessly hides the section that you are updating whenever you want, real time.

The admin User experience design that eventfulindia provides to its users enhances their user satisfaction by providing state of the art usability and accessibility provided in the interaction between the admin and the website, real time, with the click of a button. Therefore, for an admin, we have removed the ‘back’ from ‘backend’ and replaced it with harmonious admin rights.

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