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Testimonials on LinkedIn vs. Reviews on your own Website - What works Better?

Being a startup and having your business website online, what is the one thing that you need, apart from business conversions and more business leads? Client or business reviews? Let’s say you are operating in the online space and your product or service is for a niche market, you can give competitive pricing, your website can have an impressive portfolio and you are in the habit of engaging your audience with regular content related to your business and related fields. But somehow you don’t have enough takers for your product or service, and you’ve realised post playing in the niche market, that referrals are the ones getting converted to your clients.

What do referrals, reviews and recommendations have in common? They speak about your business, as it is an evaluation or assessment by a client post acceding to your product or service. And what to these referrals, reviews and recommendations do? They act as an endorsement for your brand and showcase that your products or services can be trusted by others to utilise. One of the most common practices that one can come across in the industry is asking for recommendations from your connections on LinkedIn.

testimonials on linkedIn

If you are on a social media platform such as LinkedIn, you have limited options of showcasing your business and creating engagement. Even if you do, you manage to get likes, shares and comments but not many recommendations, especially from your clients, unless you send out a request. If you have a website, you either don’t have a section for recommendations, or you do and have very few of them, since you have to get in touch with your Digital Agency to upload it every time a client mails it across. Is there any easier way?

eventfulindia’s website gives you the ability to get client reviews on your website with an option of uploading it real time. Once a client sends in a testimonial, you can add, accept or deny any client review at your convenience. Your eventfulindia website gives you a separate section to showcase your clients according to categories along with their testimonials, with easy navigation, so that your visitors can go through it seamlessly. Understanding the fact that clients are core to any business, your eventfulindia website enables you to feature your key clients at the footer scroll on every webpage that you create.

With clients and their testimonials or reviews on your website you have the advantage of turning visitors into prospects and prospects into customers. Since your clients are already endorsing your product and you have the ability to showcase the same on your webpage, you get a better conversion ratio as compared to a recommendation on your LinkedIn page. Your eventfulindia website also allows you to keep all the reviews in one place which acts as a lifetime asset just like a portfolio. Hence with eventfulindia, you don’t ask for recommendations, you get them.

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