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Role Technology plays to accelerate StartUps in today’s Digital Jungle

What is the one thing a startup always requires? The answer is ‘numbers’, in terms of money, business leads and impressions. With limited resources a startup cannot afford a small marketing campaign, leave alone a 360-degree one. Being a startup you need to be creative to think of avenues that will help you market yourself and get results, without burning a hole in your pocket. In today’s digitally aware market, your first impression is your online presence or your website. Many startups create social media pages for their businesses, which is a good way to test waters and engage audience but it is not effective in driving business.

As a new business owner, your first impression is your own business website. Just like owning a home, your white label website is easier to locate on search engines and it adds to your overall business profile, as people turn to the web for everything and anything. Consumers too, feel that a business website is more trustworthy than a page on LinkedIn or Facebook. Having your own website also helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), since all the engagement that happens on your own platform increases traffic as well as impressions, in turn improving SEO ranking significantly.

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Your own website is also a place where you can showcase your work, unlike the restrictions of social media pages that have the limitation of what to upload and what not to. Also, unlike Facebook and LinkedIn, with your intriguing content, you can turn your website from a point-of-interest to a point-of-sale, educating your visitors through your blog and your portfolio. Hence, you have the ability to convince whoever visits your website about your products or service, or your business ideology, and your consumer stays within your world as long as you have something interesting to serve.

Considering all the factors, a website is able to slingshot your StartUp by getting you the desired ‘numbers’ in terms of traffic and following, through your SEO ranking; engagement through your content, portfolio and social media tools; business leads through various query forms and comments. All you need is an online website builder like eventfulindia which gives you the best of progressive professional website features with social media tools, integrated SEO, unlimited bandwidth for content (pictures, videos and blogs), beautiful themes to customise as well as real time website editing attributes.

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