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Real-Estate of ‘dot com’ - Society Matters

One of the major factors while looking for a house to purchase is the availability of the address that one fancies. Today, who wouldn’t want a website with a ‘.com’ domain and an address that personifies the name of the owner? Therefore, a white label website will not only make you comfortable with your location but also aid in amplifying your brand image. Keeping the address aside, the visibility of your home depends on how you have positioned it among the high-rise buildings. In a cluttered business environment, your website needs to stand out for visitors to identify it and walk in, to know you better and find out more.


For knowing you better, your guests need to visit you and spend time. Although your guests can locate you through GPS, but isn’t it better when you have a chauffeur driven car to pick them up and get them home? On the digital frontier, Google can be considered as a map or a GPS grid to your website that is present amongst all the high-rise structures, and to get your visitors to the right spot you need search engine optimization (SEO). With a bigger or more experienced chauffeur your website becomes clearly visible, similarly the stronger your search engine optimization the better your website ranking. Also, the more the SEO populates your website and highlights your content, the easier it is for guests to find your home, as it takes up a prime spot amidst the digital jungle, just like the chauffeur giving your guests a brief about your hospitality before they visit.

So now, you’ve got the real estate, made it your home, loaded it with hospitable services and made it highly visible through your personalised services like a chauffeur to drive your guests, and the only thing you are missing out on is ‘popularity’ amongst your circles and peers. If you aren’t popular how will people know if a celebrity has visited your home or you are hosting a party? You need to get the word out to your circles as soon as it happens, but how does one go viral with this information?

Newsletters and mailers are interesting features of the website that help you keep your network updated about the events and happenings that you want to publicise. Just like spreading the news about your party through word-of-mouth marketing, you can always create an active digital footprint by creating blogs on your website or integrating social media widgets with your website to share content. This is similar to talking about your amazing furniture and hospitality with your friends and neighbours; in turn reaching out to the right target audience that you want to associate with.

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