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Real-Estate of ‘dot com’ - Infrastructure Matters

Like your home needs maintenance and an array of service-men such as electricians, plumbers and stewards; similarly, your website also needs the best of digital marketing agencies to see that it stays up-to-date and running smoothly. Unfortunately, both are expensive propositions if you are a new business owner or a house owner. Who doesn’t want to take charge and be the administrator of your own website, like the handyman of your home? What if all of it was possible with a few clicks? Wouldn’t that be the best footing?

Like being enabled to fix the lights, fasten the shower, occasionally clean up and being the handyman of your home. How about being able to change settings, upload content and enhance the look and feel of your website whenever you want? Well, if you don’t believe in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) then what’s the point of talking about a digitally independent future or ‘Digital India’?

infrastructure matters

Now since we have established the concurrence between homes, websites and the need to be directorial, let’s see the holistic picture. If all individuals start owning rather than being tenants, creating a hospitable environment for their visitors and start following the apt social activities, we will be working towards making the most congenial social environment and digitally, ‘Making India Digital’.

Just as a hypothesis, let’s say you have the Amazon server, a secure scalable system without any downtime, like the plot of land to build your foundation with all the amenities. You get to construct your house with rooms for everyone, like making your website responsive for all digital screens. Fit in all the furniture and be wonderful hosts with engaging content that is circulated through newsletters, mailers, and your home is known to all through a state of the art search engine optimiser which makes you most popular in your circles in the quickest time ever. To top that up, you get the best of stewards and servicemen for FREE, even after you are enabled to do everything yourself. Sounds like a dream? Afraid it will cost you a bomb?

We do it all! With a vision to build India’s very own social network that not only communicates but does business with each other. Where individuals can make FREE Social profiles and companies, big or small, can make FREE Websites, where all our users get the best and fastest SEO and are connected to every buyer and seller from their respective industry. Think of us as an affordable housing complex with the best of facilities, same for all residents and gives the resident an opportunity to make the best out of it.

Though we focus at three sectors; Events and Entertainment; Travel and Tourism as well as Media and Entertainment, the fastest growing three industries. But our platform is open to anyone and everyone from different spheres of businesses. We are eventfulindia, Come Let’s Celebrate; think Digital India… Think eventfulindia.

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