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Real-Estate of ‘dot com’ - Hospitality Matters

They say home is where the heart is, a place where the quest for human satisfaction ends, as the home is the physical extension of the self. While a home is a personal space for exclusive people, what is the closest thing that can be correlated to the same? Is it your website, a virtual real estate property that can be accessed by the world?

A home is not only a patch of real estate but also an investment, which acts as a face to your tastes, standard of living, hospitality, behaviour and how you engage with your peers. Similarly this ‘virtual real estate’ known as a website acts as a first impression of your business and the gateway to interacting with your clients. But don’t all of us desire a house that we own? No matter how big or small, people usually don’t want to be tenants.

hospitality matters

Just like buying a plot of land for a house, and thereafter building one; in the virtual world, one buys a server to build a website. The construction or architecture for your home is exactly like the coding or design for website creation. A Facebook Page or a LinkedIn Profile is like staying on rent as tenants with innumerable limitations. While owning a website is like owning a house, a space that is like a clean slate with four walls and a roof to support and create your cultural heritage.

Even after you are done with the architecture and the layout of the property, it does not become a home till you add some flair and attitude with cosy furniture, elegant paint and funky household accessories. Similarly, website creation is incomplete without great features and content which make your visitors comfortable and stay longer because of the homely warmth that you extend.

Talking about warmth, a home experience is all about hospitality that you extend to your guests with different kinds of drinks, appetisers, meals and chatter. Likewise on the website you engage with your visitors with your portfolio, interesting photos, videos and blogs; the better the hospitality the longer the visitors stay and the longer they stay the better the affinity.

Since these days visitors expect everything under one roof it is imperative to have a dynamic website, since nobody wants to be a passive host. Hence, you need to serve your guests everything from Google-maps that is like a GPS to your house’s location, to enquiry forms, your ideology, activities and portfolio, so that your guests feel comfortable interacting with you, get to know you better and ask for another helping, if need be.

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