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Poke, Inform, Engage – Website Newsletters are Game Changers

Email Newsletters may seem like a waste of time, but being a startup, it’s one of the best ways to get your message across to your target audience. It not only saves you money but it can also help you create brand equity and generate business leads. With newsletters you can easily connect with your target market, tell them about your new offerings as well as educate and update your existing clients. Newsletters also are a great way to manage your business’ interaction with present and future clients, as it tends to get you feedback which can help develop your business strategies.

Apart from customer relationship management (CRM), the regular use of newsletters will make sure that your business always has a top-of-mind recall amongst your audience. You can share industry happenings, latest projects, new products; services as well as offers that would make your consumers come back for more. Interestingly, all your content that you send out through your email newsletter, whether be pictures, videos, case studies or a blogs; can be repurposed to get your audience back to your website, whenever they click to view or read more. This will increase the engagement on your own website and with increased traffic to your site your website will be able to attain a higher search engine ranking during related searches.

website newsletters are game changer

Sending out an email newsletter can also help you generate new business opportunities. eNewsletters are not like personal greetings, but viewed by the professional community, all it needs is for the right person to engage with it at the right moment. If you think that email marketing has already reached a tipping point, you must remember, if you are delivering rich content and real value, your newsletter will get read, shared and eventually those readers will get converted into clients. Unfortunately, a majority of businesses have to separately invest in email newsletters as they are not a part of their owned website structure.

eventfulindia on the other hand has integrated MailChimp’s online marketing tool to manage contacts, send emails and track results as a part of your own website that you create. It automatically updates the website newsletter subscribers to your mailing list for occasional updates that you do. The website builder’s newsletter feature also allows you to monitor your website traffic, that engages with your content through your newsletter, and includes numbers as well as demographics. It also has a custom data capture feature from registration forms and creates customised landing pages for the content that you send out through your newsletter.

If you still think that this is a waste of time then you must give the free website builder a shot. If you think that your business ideas or your products and services are intriguing enough to talk about, then the website newsletter feature provided by eventfulindia might prove to be really fruitful.

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