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Photos & Videos that can ENGAGE, Entertain & create Business Leads...

Why do startups have their business pages and profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn? Is it because the platforms reach out to millions of people who seem to be future prospects? Or the startup can promote its core business ideology amongst its friends, family and acquaintances, who will further act as a word of mouth marketing, by liking, sharing and commenting?

Content in the form of pictures, videos, blogs, case studies or whitepapers, are all considered unique and all of this finds a space in the form of a status update or a post on Facebook and LinkedIn pages. What goes unrecognised by most startups, is the fact that all the engagement that happens on Facebook and LinkedIn; likes, shares and comments, goes unnoticed by the rest of the world, except those select few who are constantly following you. You keep uploading rich media content to market and promote your brand, but unfortunately all your engagement stays on the social media platform, as they are not SEO enabled. Hence, you lose out on generating business leads.

photos and videos create business leads

Interestingly, eventfulindia gives you the ability to create a white-label business website with all the social media features amalgamated with the best of SEO benefits. It’s like having a LinkedIn and Facebook page, without the fallouts of their search engine optimisation. What do you think excites and engages your audience the most? Pictures and videos about your business and related fields? Your eventfulindia business website gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth that can hold as many pictures and videos that you would like to showcase to the world.

What is the issue that you face next? Limitation on the size of the picture or video that you upload? Thanks to our servers, your eventfulindia website has the capability of auto-descaling the size of photos and videos. Hence, the quality of your pictures and videos stay the same and you don’t even have to take the pain of resizing or cropping your media yourself, so that your audience can enjoy your media, just like you intended.

What is more fascinating is that your eventfulindia website also allows you pull all your media, whether pictures or videos from your Facebook profile or page, which you can select, create folders, write descriptions and showcase on your website. So, instead of sending your peers to check out your portfolio on your Facebook page, you can give them a link of your website where they can like, comment and share it on their Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter profiles, visible to their networks and the world, just with a click of a button.

How does this help your business? Firstly, you engage your audience as you were doing on Facebook or LinkedIn pages, but here, whenever someone likes, shares or comments, it not only reflects on your website but on their social media page as well. Hence, you generate traffic and create an impact, that will not only make your audience loyalists but also make your website trend on Google. Once you are prominently visible Google, you start getting queries, and in turn generate business leads. Secondly, for every like, comment or share, your visitors have to fill in their personal details that gets recorded. Hence, you get your very own database, which can be turned into business leads. Now you can ask yourself, why were you making a Facebook business page in the first place?

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