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Owning a Ranking Website and a Trending Blog together is not Costly anymore!

One approach that is proving to be very effective for website creation and marketing is building your website with an online website builder like eventfulindia. Theoretically, online website builders should have the capability of providing you with both static website pages and blog pages. But for having all the benefits there is always a cost attached as the established platforms like WordPress, Weebly and Wix etc. require all types of upgrades and installations.

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Since both (your website and your blog) are very crucial for the success of your online presence, eventfulindia’s online website builder allows you to design a website which has the capabilities of a traditional website as well as an inbuilt blogging feature. The platform has following benefits:

  • Ease of designing, developing and hosting the web presence.
  • One homogenous look and feel for consistency’s sake:
    The consistency of your website in terms of design and navigational structure adds a level of professionalism to it. This consistency also has an aesthetic value. It also makes your site easier to update and is easier for search robots to crawl for keywords. Consistency not only involves the navigation elements, but also the colors, fonts, layout, graphics, and writing style of your content.
  • Ease of optimization for SEO:
    Once your website gets online with eventfulindia, it gets built-in necessary SEO components into the site design and architecture right from the beginning. And, as this all is originating from eventfulindia, the domain grows into a giant with the obvious benefit of scalability.
  • Sharing your pages and your posts makes your business social:
    Eventfulindia gives you the ability to create your own website with all the social media capabilities amalgamated with the best of SEO benefits. It’s like having a Facebook page without the usual fallouts of social media SEO. Go ahead and be social to take your business to the world!
  • 5. Ease of content updating and maintenance as the entire web infrastructure is based on a very robust content management system (CMS).
  • Make your blog an extension of your regular website
    Now enjoy the luxury of having a perfect website with its traditional web pages with business information and your story-telling blog for promoting your latest and greatest offers. Blogs and websites serve very different purposes, but complement each other very well to leverage the amazing world of the ‘World Wide Web’ for your purpose. They are both crucial to increase your exposure and strengthen your reputation online. It is important to develop both as part of your online presence and eventfulindia makes its users avail both.

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