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Is your Website Immune to the Google’s Mobile-friendly Algorithm Update?

Is your website immune to Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update which was released on April 21, 2015?

Did you make necessary changes to avoid the downfall in your website traffic as a result of Google’s recent warnings? Are you sure that your dearly cherished business website hasn’t been affected by the update?

google mobile friendly algorithm

Yes, Google finally released the much talked about mobile-friendly algorithm update. Google has been issuing warnings about this very important update for last two months. Although the obvious motive behind this change is Google’s persistent desire to improve the user experience of its mobile users, this is inevitably leading websites to lose a significant amount of traffic.

And, to inform all website owners, this Google algorithm update has been named “Mobilegeddon” by the press. Is this update going to be a true Armageddon for your business website? Following are three important points that are crucial and need to be highlighted. These points are especially pertinent to understand if your company website has been adversely affected by Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update.

  • As the current time demands, Google is genuinely concerned about the user experience of its mobile users and is very clear about the pre-requisites to be considered to be mobile friendly. To see if your website or a few particular pages of your website are up to the required standards, Google has a very easy and effective testing tool that will tell you exactly what are the issues with your non-mobile-friendly-website or page. You can check that tool here.
  • The mobile-friendly update released by Google is run on a page-by-page basis on your website. Even if you find it difficult to make your entire website mobile friendly, any page on your website that you do make mobile-friendly will still benefit from the optimization efforts.
  • Do you think that your website hasn’t been affected by the update and it’s beyond any harm now? This may not be true. The algorithm is a real-time and dynamic update. This means, even if your non-mobile-friendly website, does not see any significant drop in traffic this week, it doesn’t mean that it won’t still come down later. Google has made it clear that this update will take weeks to roll out and it will be a while before you observe how things fair out.

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Have you been impacted by the update? Please share in the comments below.

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