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How to Make Your Business Google-ready and Save SEO Dollars?

Running a small business is anything but small. One needs a dedicated set of people clocking innumerable hours, giving mind-blowing ideas and having a combination of impact plus reach business plan for your company to grow. Startups are unique and the ideas that drive startups come at a small cost. What do you usually start with to promote your company? The process of reaching out to the world, to get that unique idea across, in the hope that all your prospects will convert to clients? While this goes on for the first couple of months you end up with a decent database that you have reached out to. But how much can you do? And how much can you share?

With limited budgets you tend to think creatively and the next step in the path to promoting your ideas is ‘social networks’, the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn. A method through which at least your family and friends as well as some of your professional acquaintances can relate to and spread your idea as well as promote your brand through word-of-mouth. But how do you know if all of them or even some of them have shared your uniqueness with their peers? And if this one time effort of promotion is enough? Nonetheless, you will feel happy when you get a few enquiries every now and then, through your personal relations on social media.

google ready and save seo dollars

As you want to scale up quickly and have already tried word-of-mouth, you try and promote your startup on business networks and listing websites like Just-Dial, AskMe.com, Olx or UrbanClap. You hope, that by listing your startup you might get enquiries when someone searches for your service. Unfortunately, the major drawback is that listing sites have everyone, from the biggest to the smallest companies, and they have the ability to buy the top spot on the marketplace. Hence, there is a high probability of your prospective clients coming across your competitors with deeper pockets. And being a startup with limited budgets, you cannot really go toe-to-toe with these top listed players in your category.

Post spending some money and exploring a few avenues of marketing with restricted budgets, you will graduate to smaller advertising options, like social media advertising, the likes of Facebook ads. This too has a flipside, As your brand’s visibility will only remain within the social networking platforms. The engagement and popularity that you wish to create will only be present within Facebook and LinkedIn. Will that be a viable option, when you want your idea to have impact and reach as well as availability on generic searches? Well, you can always put money behind Google ads, which needs deep pockets as well, and even if you are somehow able to afford Google ads, there is still no engagement. So how do you get your unique idea to be broadcasted?

There’s no denying that people always turn to Google for anything and everything; even before they go to a Flipkart.com to buy a Smart-phone or an Amazon.com for a Kindle they look for it on Google. Hence, for your business to be seen, you need to trend on Google, and to get trending on Google, you need a website. And for your website to trend, you need engaging content.

That is why a Wall Street Journal or a Times of India stands out from all other news services, because both are able to give rich, engaging and relevant content to its readers. Does that mean that you have to invest in a full time resource to manage your content and SEO? With a limited bandwidth, that too is not an option for you since you are a startup. Hence, hiring a Digital Agency or an SEO expert is out of the question as it requires extensive expenditure.

What if you are enabled to create your own white-label website, where you can upload engaging, relevant and vibrant content, somewhat similar to buying a home and putting amazing furniture and food to make it a hotspot for your clients? Along with that, get listed on search engines within 48 hours? Sounds like a dream for a startup? eventfulindia helps you do all of that! With the best user-friendly administrative interface, that lets you upload unlimited content and pushing it across a variety of networks. Our SEO makes sure that your unique idea is visible to the world and you pop up whenever anyone searches anything related to your business. We help you get that top search engine ranking that you have always wanted and get you Google-Ready without spending SEO Dollars. Now why didn’t anyone tell you this before you even approached Just-dial?

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