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Blogging Inside Vs Blogging Outside - How Does it Matter?

Blogs have become an integral part of marketing strategies and storytelling for businesses and is a way for consumers to get information and tips on anything and everything under the sky. Both business owners as well as consumers are blogging these days but are dickering with the issue of getting readers to their blogs because of a lot of competition. Blogs are one of the best ways for engaging your target audience, they help create demand, they help explain why your product or service is special and they help sustain loyalists.

When you think of, or want to start writing a blog, you are left with the questions of what, how, why and where. We’ve managed to answer your question of why in the previous paragraph, but what, how and where, are crucial. For startups it is important to write about their product, about their services and how they are different. You will need to educate and have an opinion from a professional standpoint. For example if you want to talk about how life is treating you, then you should get a blog on platforms such as Blogger, Worldpress, Tumblr, Hubpages, Joomla, Quora, Live Journal, Wix, Weebly, Google+, SquareSpace etc. But if you want to talk about your business and its services, then you should start using the blog-section of your own business website.

blogging inside vs blogging outside

Now, how does writing on your own website help? Firstly, you can post case studies, whitepapers, articles and happenings that are relevant for your industry, peers and consumers. Secondly, with your own website, your blog URL will not reflect any other blog service (for example: wordpress.com/blogs/YourBusinessBlog.com) but will have your owned website URL (YourCompanyName/YourBlogName.com). Since image matters for a startup, your owned URL blog will have the name of your company and not look like a personal blog. Thirdly, If your website is search engine optimised, your blog will be visible on relevant searches and your audience will land either on your blog or on your business website. In turn this will lead to more visits to your own website and improve SEO ranking rather than increasing ranking of blog-services like Wordpress or Blogger.

eventfulindia’s website builder not only lets you create a website, but also has an inbuilt blogging section for FREE, at your disposal. Added to that, for every blog that you upload, you can engage your visitors, as they can like and comment. The blogs on eventfulindia are also socially scalable with inbuilt social media sharing features. So your visitors can not only like and comment, but also share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Interestingly, whoever clicks your shared content on their social media platform lands on your own website, which automatically increases your business website’s traffic. eventfulindia also enables your blogs to be broadcasted to the entire industry for free as a part of its newsletter, with the Auto-Broadcast feature as well as RSS syndications, as RSS features are automatically embedded in every blog page for easy reader support. So what are you waiting for? Sign-Up and start blogging to reach and engage your target audience.

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