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Are website builders really free?

Where does business start from in the digital frontier? A startup has limited money, limited know-how of technology, limited portfolio to showcase and all the more limited time for profiling and promoting itself online. Since you have a resource crunch and an anxiety to have your online business as quickly as possible, going ahead to create a website seems like a large project in itself. Hence, you substitute to a Facebook Business Page and/or a LinkedIn Company Page to get online. But sooner than later you realise that social media pages does get you reach and engagement but doesn’t project your exclusive business identity (as you are bound under Facebook and LinkedIn domains) and there is no lead generation whatsoever, as there is no enquiry form on these pages. Hence… no business? Now that you have networked online, you eventually comprehend that you need to seriously promote your business to the world and you require a full featured website of your own to achieve the same.

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You set your eyes on professional website builder applications like Wix and Weebly that provide multiple Custom website templates and tools that you can play around with. Mind you! The services Wix and Weebly provide are also free of cost and claim to give you avant-garde features. What doesn’t go well with Wix and Weebly and startups is the fact that their so-called ‘FREEMIUM’ model also comes at a cost. Website builders bind you under their domain name (example: YourCompanyName.weebly.com). As soon as you reach the threshold of designated numbers in their ‘FREE’ variant, you are now ‘politely’ asked to become a ‘premium’ member by paying a nominal fee. So practically, you are only free on these ‘FREE Website Builders’ until you promise to promote them by suffixing their brand-name in your official website address.

Wix and Weebly say that they are FREE. But the reality says something else, you sign up for free under their sub domain architecture, but sooner than later they talk about a white label solution that start at $50 and $100 annually. GoDaddy also advertises Rs.199 websites but when you try to complete the process you will realise that you have to shell out more than Rs.5000 to get a white label website of your own. Similarly, the story is no different for BigRock and Net4India as they also end up charging you, since their sole business model hovers around selling new domain names and web hosting solutions. Not to your surprise the story is no different for the popular website builders including imcreator, jimdo, yola and virb. We strongly recommend that you research well, and no longer with ‘FREE best website builder’ keywords but ‘FREE white-label Website Builders’ as your keywords, which allows you to build your own website on YOUR domain name, and you will be surprised that there is none.

Is that form of business fair, especially for a startup? As business further graduates, one has no option but to resort to custom applications which can be only done by digital marketing companies or a web designer, who charge a bomb, but do not guarantee your ranking on Google. This means we ‘revive’ our digital presence at least thrice in the time we take to reach a moderate business success. But do we really capitalise all the three efforts ever? In majority times NO, we run over every old digital asset, kill its unnatural death just to create a new one that matches our fancies. It is just like dumping our old car to get a new one, just because your neighbour bought one today. Unfortunately, you are left with a trail of scrap, which serves as an axe because your old assets are orphaned and Top Search Engines like Google or Bing keep populating URLs of your old digital media assets resulting in broken links and acting as a poison to your current digital identity.

What about the balance of trade? You do end up paying through your nose while you can get the majority features for running a successful FREE website. Maybe something like an eventfulindia Website Builder can be a right fit for you? Rumours are that eventfulindia is giving progressive features and attributes that can give many website builders a flutter. Do subscribe to eventfulindia’s newsletter to be updated about anything new in the similar direction, shall you be looking for a website revamp anytime soon or you're toying around with some crazy business ideas and strategizing on making it BIG at the World Wide Web.

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