About Us

Leveraging the very best of Applied-Technology, that is affordable and simple to use

eventfulindia is an Online Platform to help professionals and enterprises engaged in business of Events, Travel, Media and Marketing to build impressive and impactful professional profiles and websites, that could help them in creating the perfect first-impression on the prospective buyer on Google or eiExperiential Marketplace.
eventfulindia shall eventually graduate itself into a self-service technology tool to help industry professionals leverage the very best of applied technology in their business domains, and use it as a catalyst to amplify their marketing communications digitally in today's socially-connected marketplace. eventfulindia will also feature its subscriber merchants on India's first Online Experiential Marketplace, especially curated to usher buying and selling of 'experiences' and experiential products and services. With ZERO commissioning model, eventfulindia is set to disturb the conventional marketplace business models and help its merchants discover, connect and contact with their prospective buyers-cum-clients in real-time on world wide web.
Being a composite mix of unique business services required by every SME, eventfulindia doesn’t subscribe to any direct competition yet. While we compete with larger Social Media Platforms for our 'Social Business Network', but none come close to our unique industry-focused model. Similarly, when we talk about 'Custom Website Builder' application, completing with heavy-weights on their much-advanced technologies, but we score an edge being the only 'dynamic' website builder with service-industry focus and inbuilt apps that simplify the everyday business processes. Lastly, on the 'Experiential Marketplace' model, we have very distant competition with brands those are offering a segment-specific search engines and that too charging commissions from sellers to fund their existence. We, at eventfulindia are not only a composite service provider for a business, but also most-affordable and quickest to integrate business needs of any SME brand or a Startup.

Our Leadership

Gaurav Garg Founder & CEO

Gaurav Garg
Gaurav is a MARCOM strategist with dual competencies in business of 'events' and domain of 'technology'. He studied for Master's degree in Events Management at Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) and specialises in large-format event planning and marketing. Gaurav holds to his credit few of the biggest and award-winning televised events and BTL campaigns as chief strategist and producer. With first degree in computing from Bundelkhand University (India), he spent his early years running a dot-com enterprise in a relatively smaller town in late nineties. Gaurav now brings together best use of applied technology to his experience of working in events industry, solving its present challenges and leveraging its future opportunities. He has travelled extensively across United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asian Sub-Continent on industry events, conventions and FAM Trips. Gaurav also believes in sharing his knowledge with future-leaders, and often shares his insights with students at leading universities, colleges and institutes across India. He is presently responsible for Research, Technology and Strategy at Propaganda EMG with special focus on eventfulindia.

Tanya Garg Co-Founder & Director B2B

Tanya Garg
Tanya is a qualified Psychologist with business competence in domains of Corporate Travel and MICE Events. She studied for dual masters in Psychology from Guru Nanak Dev University (India) and Events Management with special interest in Public Relations. While she has been directing large Incentive Groups to outbound destinations including those in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas, she has also served in capacity of Business Intelligence officer for Inbound Marketing of Indian destinations in USA, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Chili, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, and Russia CIA. Tanya's business focus is also in actively promoting and representing International Destinations, Hotels & Agencies to clients in Meetings & Events Industry, around the world and she bring along a great aptitude and exposure on leveraging best of 'experiential' business opportunities for MICE sector at-large. With her core competencies in Marketing Strategy Formulation, Contracts Management, Revenue Analysis, and Marketing Reporting & Evaluations, Tanya is now responsible for B2B Trade Alliances, Talent Identification and Subscription Development Strategies at Propaganda EMG dedicated on eventfulindia project.

About Propaganda EMG

Propaganda EMG (Events Media Group) is a specialist Event Technology enterprise with domain excellence in Creatives, Technology, and Marketing for clients in Events, Travel, Media and Marketing industries. Synonym to 'buzz', Propaganda EMG is all about creating sustainable brand noise entwining best of Creative, Technology & Strategic inputs for our Client's brands. We are often hired on time-share basis by agencies/clients as Off-Campus CMO-cum-CTO profile to synergize their media, marketing and applied technology investments.

With enviable experience of leading few of the leading event and agency brands, the team behind eventfulindia spent considerable time in research, planning, creative and development of this portal - which is presently positioned as a global epicentre of discovery, networking and showcase of capabilities and competencies of professionals and agencies engaged in businesses of curating and producing 'experiences'. Eventfulindia is a signature project of Propaganda EMG, and under this flagship banner, we envision creating many business formats, alike that could lead to organic growth of our business enterprise in international 'experience' industry. Founded on ethos of ushering business solutions that help grow the industry at-large, Propaganda EMG has been also involved in projects beyond commercial benefits. We have been pioneers in hosting industry conventions, and networking events in Indian subcontinent that resulted in various formats of collective industry representations. Eventfulindia owes its gratitude to industry leaders including but not limiting to late Mrs. Catherine Pearson and Mr. Ray Bloom to be initial strategic advisors behind this concept and its relevance in today's marketplace. As an enterprise that envisions global outreach we would also like to express gratitude towards industry leaders who chaired eiEventsSHOW 2008 and eiCultureLIVE 2013 to help us learn from their experience and foresights to be able to create this inclusive platform in larger interest of industry. With Eventfulindia project, Propaganda EMG now foresee itself as a thought leader and centre of innovation in applied-technology solutions for experiential industry clients in India and all over the world. Propaganda EMG is the sole owner of Eventfulindia, its brands and its trademarks under proprietary of its partners and stakeholders.